Live Streaming

Live Streaming: Strategies to Increase Audience Attention & Engagement Activity

How do you develop live streaming content that will capture your audience’s attention?

How do you keep viewers engaged and/or entertained so they want to spend time with you?

After all, distractions abound.

Technology is a siren that constantly pulls our attention away.

How many apps provide you notifications? How many emails do you need to read? Do you have any snaps to see? What about Facebook or Instagram updates to check out? Any phone call messages or text messages to respond to?

Some studies suggest that we have attention spans of 8.25 seconds.

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5 Ways to Upcycle Live Streaming Video

Live streaming video content lives on — so make sure it’s valuable enough to re-share and re-package.

This means, you need to be selective about what you decide to stream. And you need to be thinking about how the video can provide value for those who didn’t view it live.

It’s not just about getting more replays, it’s about re-packaging the live stream to serve those who missed it. And you should always think about ways to upcycle that live stream video into channels and mediums that new audiences will find useful.

Here are five simple ways you can upcycle your high-value live streaming content:

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