Don’t Make These Common Mistakes in Your Next Presentation

I started teaching social media strategy courses last year and love getting a chance to share my experiences with students.

My goal is not only to share helpful and actionable information – but to share it in a way that engages students.

If I can engage students in the subject, they will more likely to remember what we discussed in class.

Here are some mistakes I’ve made when presenting  …

Reading slides.
Let your slides highlight what you’re talking about – not a laundry list of all your notes. A slide is just meant to help you explain key messages to your audience. So keep words down to a minimum and focus more on memorizing key points you want to make on each slide – rather than reading and relying on your slides. Slides are not note cards – they’re visuals to help your audience understand your key points.

Here are some great ways to use slides:

* A slide should only have one key sentence on it – not a paragraph
* Consider using slides with no words – just a great visual
* Know your presentation well enough so you don’t need slides to present
* If you’re tempted to write bullets on a slide, keep those bullets as notes for yourself

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How to Deliver an Unforgettable Presentation: 5 Ways to Captivate Your Audience & Make Your Message Stick

We all want to make a great presentation – and we want those that listen to us to remember what we’ve talked about.

However, most of what we say will be forgotten fairly quickly …

Studies have shown that immediately after listening to a 10-minute oral presentation, the average listener has heard, understood and retained 50 percent of what was said. Within 48 hours, that drops off another 50 percent to a final level of 25 percent efficiency. That means, only one-fourth of a presentation will be remembered. –

So how do we share information in a way that people will remember?

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How to Create a Memorable Presentation: 5 Ways to Improve Your Next Slide Deck

Powerpoint slides are not supposed to be your lecture notes — littered with bullets reminding you what to say next.

Instead, slides should be used to enhance your message and make it more memorable. That’s it.

Go through your next slide deck and make sure each slide is critical to your message.

If not important, throw it out.

Here are some common mistakes we make with our slide decks:

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