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4 Simple Ways Your Brand Can Use Snapchat (Without Creating Stories)

Many brands are struggling to find value in using Snapchat.

After all, it takes time to create stories (which quickly disappear after 24 hours) — and it’s difficult to grow a following.

That said, if your target audience is on Snapchat (and you don’t have time to create stories), here are four simple ways to leverage Snapchat without being an active storyteller.

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7 Keys to Creating Compelling 360 Videos for Your Community


360 video is a powerful way to create immersive content for your community.

The beauty of 360 video is that it puts your viewers in control of the visual experience right from their mobile device. The viewer doesn’t need to use a special headset to get the benefits of watching 360 video.

That said, creating immersive 360 videos that will draw in your target audience requires a new type of storytelling that puts your viewer in control.

Here are seven ways brands are using 360 video to pull in viewers into their stories:

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Brands, it’s time to embrace 360 video to help you create immersive content for your community

The adoption of virtual reality headsets is exploding thanks to the gaming community. It’s projected there will be nearly 171 million people using VR by 2018 and 500 million VR headsets sold by 2025.

And Goldman Sachs’ researchers predict that virtual reality and augmented reality will continue to expand beyond gaming and into healthcare, engineering, real estate, retail and live events.


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Snapchat for Brands: Strategic Guide for Measuring Success on Snap Stories

How do you define success on your social channels?

In the past, brands would focus on follower count. After all, a big following meant more reach (and provided the appearance that you had a huge fan base). It was an easy number to focus on — and a number that could be easily increased simply by spending money on advertising. The more money your brand spent on social ads, the more followers you could get.

This success metric started to decline as social channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) changed algorithms to reduce brand post visibility. It didn’t matter if your brand had 100,000 fans on Facebook because you couldn’t reach them without spending money. Fan counts became vanity numbers — and didn’t amount to anything else.

This is why there has been a shift to focus more on engagement numbers (which should have been the most important metric all along). Follower count is only important if you’re able to reach and engage with them. And this is especially true on Snapchat. It’s not about your Snapchat follower count – it’s about snap consumption (engagement).

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Snapchat for Brands: Strategies for Using Snapchat Memories to Build Community, Scale Snap Activity & Improve Branding

The announcement that anyone can now upload photos and videos from your phone’s camera roll might annoy some (who prefer the organic feel of Snapchat) — but could be a huge benefit for brands who have strict rules around content and needing various types of approvals before posting.

Personally, I like the organic nature of Snapchat — and hope Snapchat Memories won’t be abused. I’d hate to see Snapchat become streams of enhanced images and videos (a la Instagram).

Snapchat Memories should not replace your brand’s in-the-moment snap strategy — only enhance it.

Here are 5 ways brands can leverage memories:

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Snapchat for Brands: Focus on Building Relationships Through Private Snaps

Does your brand want to improve view counts and engagement on Snapchat?

The first step to building a thriving fan base on Snapchat is to focus on engaging with others. This means watching other people’s snaps — and snapping back with relevant comments, emojis and/or questions.

Brands need to be intentional about starting a conversation with their target audience in order to earn attention. And this will be more important as ever as the Snapchat algorithm begins to reduce brand visibility (similar to Facebook).

The mistake many brands make is they snap a story and leave (only to return to count views, screenshots, and reply to snaps). That strategy could work if you’re a huge brand with tons of adoring fans — but most brands don’t have that kind of fan base on Snapchat. Starting a community means initiating a conversation — and this is easy to do through private snaps. It just takes time.

Private snaps are the foundation for how Snapchat started — and it’s still the key way close friends communicate on this platform.

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Snapchat for Brands: Steps to Creating Storyboards to Improve Your Snap Stories

One of the best ways for brands to tell better stories on Snapchat is to plan ahead with a storyboard.

Some benefits of storyboarding your snaps:

Storyboarding helps you prepare everything you’ll need in advance (e.g. batteries, tripods, lenses, stylus, props, external microphones, music)

Storyboarding is helpful for brands in highly-regulated industries because story and text can get approved by compliance and legal teams

A storyboard can help you communicate your snap story to your team and senior leaders before an event

Storyboarding saves you time because you know in advance what text, filters, lenses, or emojis you’ll use

Storyboarding can help you plan out potential stories to tell at events, which is helpful when you’re too busy (or feeling less creative)

Storyboarding can help employees who are not comfortable on Snapchat and need direction

Obviously, you don’t need to storyboard every snap story — but storyboarding can be very helpful for times when you want to tell a really good story.

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Snapchat for Brands: How to Increase Snapbacks, Screenshots & Story Completion Rates

Many brands are struggling to figure out how to use Snapchat (and how to determine success).

Unlike other social channels, you don’t get “likes” or “shares” — so the only measure of engagement success is snapbacks (replies), screenshot rates (likes), views, story completion rates, and follower growth.

Here are 10 ways to drive more engagement on Snapchat:
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Snapchat for Brands: Strategic Ways to Grow Your Snapchat Following

Growing a relevant following on Snapchat is difficult.

It’s not as easy as getting a “like” on Facebook or a “follow” on Twitter or Instagram.

This is because it requires your fans to know your username (or have seen your snapcode) and — more importantly — have an incentive to follow you.

Here are seven strategies brands are using to boost their Snapchat following:

1. Promote your brand’s snapcode on other social networking sites

Whenever you launch a new social profile (or seek to grow awareness of another social channel), you need to let your fans know.

One of the simplest ways to do this is to use your snapcode as your profile picture — or feature your snapcode in posts. Brands doing a great job promoting their snaps on social networks include: Forbes, Cisco, MasterCard, Applebees, TOMS, IBM, Target, Taco Bell, and Redbull.

At Experian, we promote our snapcodes on Twitter, LinkedIn, Periscope, and YouTube Live events. We’re always seeing an increase in followers whenever we host live community events (Twitter, Periscope, YouTube Live) — so those are times when we are promoting our snapcodes even more.

When promoting your Snapchat codes, make sure you have great snaps in queue so new followers aren’t disappointed when looking to see what you snapped recently. It’s also important to give people an incentive for following.

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